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Imuran (azathioprine) for Crohn's Disease

I've been on Imuran for about 9 years now. After trying the medicine Pentasa where I was taking 4000mg day and it still didn't control my flare ups. This medicine has it side effects too but I haven't experienced many other than pain in my joints recently, which is good since I've been taking Imuran for 9 years!

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Autoimmune Hepatitis


You should avoid becoming pregnant while you or your partner are taking azathioprine.


  • This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
  • For medical advice relating to your personal condition, please consult your doctor.

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Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, may be pregnant, plan to become pregnant or intending to father a Azarek. Maintenance of remission is a major issue in inflammatory bowel disease. If you have this had an allergic reaction to a medicine. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a list of the ingredients. The dosage will be individual to you depending on the severity of your IBD, your height, weight

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