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Casodex (bicalutamide) for Prostate Cancer

My PSA had reached 39.7 and I underwent surgical castration on March 19 2009 in Delhi India where I was on holiday. I returned to the UK on 23 March. My consultant prescribed Casodex 50mg once per day for my remaining lifetime. I am 79 years old and tolerated the surgery well. On 13 May my PSA level had dropped to 0.6 and on the 13 July my PSA result was so low that it was non-recordable. I have suffered a recent bout of pneumonia, and I have frequent hot flashes, but otherwise I feel much better than I did before surgery and the Casodex seems to be doing it's job. I take no other medicine than the Casodex.

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Prostate Cancer


Bicalutamide may cause an increase in blood sugar levels.
Bicalutamide 150 mg daily is not approved for use as therapy for patients with localized prostate cancer who are candidates for watchful waiting.
There is no information available on the presence of Bicalutamide in human milk, or on the effects on the breastfed infant or on milk production.


  • In addition Calumid the above two studies, there are three other ongoing clinical effective that provide additional safety information for Bicalutamide 150 mg, a dose that is not Calumid for use.
  • Currently, it has a role in prostate cancer generic with biochemical failure to delay Calumid progression of disease.
  • This includes vitamins, herbal supplements and over the counter remedies.
  • Find out what bicalutamide is, how you have it and other important information about having bicalutamide.
  • This may be reduced if you have severe liver problems.

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Periodic liver function Calumid should be considered in using to find out about possible hepatic changes. No active brain metastases or leptomeningeal disease. Als u stopt met het gebruik van dit middel, gaan deze bijwerkingen geleidelijk aan weer over. Many insurance companies require a prior authorization for this drug.

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