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For Prostate Cancer

Was diagnosed with Gleason 4+3 and had PSA of 10 and have very strong family history of prostate cancer. I am 53 and brother had cancer at age 39. Dr. immediately placed me on 150mg bicalutamide in preparation for HIFU procedure. PSA dropped to 3.3 within 2 weeks. I also noticed that a fibrous lymph node on my neck shrank noticeably. After stopping the medication at 3 weeks and undergoing the HIFU procedure, the fibrous lymph node regained it's previous size.

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Prostate Cancer


Bicalutamide is sinds 1995 internationaal op de markt.
Do not give Bicalutamide tablets to other people, even if they have the same symptoms that you have.
The efficacy and tolerability of bicalutamide as monotherapy and as combination therapy for patients with advanced prostate cancer have been evaluated in randomized clinical trials.


  • Taking it at the same time additionally day will have the best effect and will also help you remember when to take Bicaluplex.
  • Bicalutamide is broken down by the liver.
  • Scurvy returns to Australia due to poor diet.
  • In rare cases, radiation can be given to relieve severe tenderness.

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Talk to your healthcare team another helpful tips on dealing with this side effect. Patient does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The risk of heart information or heart failure is increased for people taking bicalutamide.

This is below that required to induce changes in offspring of laboratory animals. Trouble breathing with or without a cough or fever. Without testosterone, the cancer cells may either grow more slowly, or stop growing altogether.

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