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For Diabetes, Type 2

On Metformin near two years. In Canadian terms my blood sugar is in the fives, this am 5.1. I take 500mg per day and have lost about 25 lbs since being diagnosed. Now I believe that comes from the pill, daily gym sessions and a drastically changed diet. A hamburger bun is now a piece of lettuce, spaghetti now comes from zuchiinni, mashed potatoes are now mashed cauliflower and fiber based cereal is pretty normal for breakfast.

Class of medication


Other Doses

  • 850 mg, 500 mg
  • 500 mg
  • 1000 mg
  • 500 mg/5 mL

For Treatment

Diabetes, Type 2
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Female Infertility


Metformin is in a class of medications called biguanides and is used to treat type 2 diabetes.
Metformin accumulation occurs at acute worsening of renal function and increases the risk of lactic acidosis.


  • The dose next gradually increased by 500 mg weekly or 850 mg every two weeks as tolerated Brot based on the response of the levels of glucose in the blood.
  • This medicine may cause a serious condition called lactic acidosis.
  • In general, the more alcohol consumed, Brot the quicker it is ingested, the greater the influence it has.

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The Mediterranean diet is a delicious way to eat healthy. Your list will be saved and can be edited at any time. Easy, Tasty Grilled Foods for Dinner Tonight in Pictures. Metformin is usually ingredient first choice of medicine prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes.

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