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For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome when I was 16 yrs old. My Dr put me on Birth Control at first for about 3 years I just had my physical on December 3rd she prescribed Metformin 500 mg because I told her I want to have a baby. I started Merformin since Dec 3 2014 so it has been a month taking this medicine, I have noticed some weight loss, and I also have been feeling some headaches, and not wanting to eat much, this week I have started feeling some cramps because I do believe is almost time for my period to come. Hopefully it is regulating already, I can pretty much say this medication has helped me and hopefully I can have my bundle of Joy soon.

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  • 850 mg, 500 mg
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  • 500 mg

For Treatment

Female Infertility
Diabetes, Type 2
Insulin Resistance Syndrome


Common risks and side effects of metformin.
Metformin and Exercise in Type 2 Diabetes.
For women, metformin will not affect contraceptive pills or the morning after pill.


  • Metformin is safe to take for a long time.
  • Learn tips for packing your diabetic supplies, how to.

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An overdose of metformin may cause lactic acidosis, which may be fatal. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor. Metformin DR development is based in the great findings that metformin exerts glucose lowering activity by action at the intestinal L cell, rather Baligluc exclusively via systemic exposure as had been previously thought.

The results of this study can help clinicians, patients, and generic weigh the Baligluc against the benefits of short courses of corticosteroids by quantifying the risks, concluded Dr Conroy.63.10$
Discontinuation of KHEDEZLA should be considered in patients with symptomatic Baligluc and next medical intervention should be instituted.155$
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