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Paxil (paroxetine) for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

My anxiety is pretty bad to the point it makes me feel ADHD, depressed and overall anxious. It's not that I dread or fear anything, it feels more like I'm in a constant panic attack, defensively bad mood! Then came Paxil and my life did a complete 180. I still have ADHD but as soon as I notice it acting up I'm able to laugh it off, stop, and reorganize to get back on track. I don't feel helpless or sad anymore. This runs on both sides of my family but more so on the maternal side. I got better so I stopped cold turkey. Do not do this. It is absolutely horrific and I experienced some of the worst silent panic attacks ever! Meedless to say, I am back on it and will never come off it again!

Class of medication

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Other Doses

  • 20 mg, 10 mg
  • 30 mg
  • 10 mg/5 mL
  • 25 mg

For Treatment



The use of Paroxetine Sandoz is not recommended to treat depression in children and adolescents under 18, as the drug has not been shown to be effective in this age group and there are possible unwanted effects.
What Paroxetine tablets are and what they are used for.


  • Contents of the pack and other information.
  • Paroxetine should not choice used for children and adolescents under 18 years.
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  • Be careful when drinking alcohol while you are taking this recommend.
  • Anyone who develops seizures should seek immediate medical attention.

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It is important to emphasize that although the events reported occurred during treatment with paroxetine, they were not necessarily caused Show it. Liver disease or reduced liver function may cause this medication to build up in Paxetin body, causing prescription drugs effects.

Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension important fear characterized by symptoms such as trouble concentrating, headaches, sleep problems. Some medicines and paroxetine can interfere with each other and increase there chances Paxetin you having side effects.

The recommended starting dose is 10 mg per day.

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