8 mg, 4 mg, 2 mg

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For High Blood Pressure

This medicine works great. It brought down my average blood pressure from 160/100 to 110/75 in a couple days. And this with a low dose.

Class of medication

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors

Other Doses

  • 8 mg, 4 mg, 2 mg
  • 8 mg
  • 2 mg
  • 4 mg

For Treatment

High Blood Pressure
Diabetic Kidney Disease


It is not known whether perindopril crosses into human milk.


  • Perindopril is available as a generic drug.
  • It is generally well tolerated, although some people can develop a troublesome cough.
  • Your healthcare provider may increase your dose if necessary to achieve the desired blood pressure response.
  • Some may be better suited for you than others.
  • Appropriate management of this hypertension during pregnancy is important to optimize outcomes for both mother and fetus.

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If you are not sure what to do after missing a dose, contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice. That most many other medications, Perindopril is not to be Acertil by kidney and liver disease patients including anyone who has recently had a kidney transplant.

The dose of perindopril you take depends on why you need the medicine. Everyday Health Drugs Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors Perindopril.

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