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Feldene (piroxicam) for Pain

I was working in the field making hydraulic hoses making close to $10,000/mo. when I pulled hose off a reel and herniated two disks. I was laid up for 45 days on Workers Comp, barely able to make it to the bathroom and following everything my doctors were telling me to do. I got frustrated because they were putting other people in my area that I developed. I called a doctor who suggested Feldene and said it would take two weeks before it took effect. I was bouncing off the walls in two weeks and returned to work a week later. It allowed me to move and not become stiff. The Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants, did nothing to help me.

Class of medication

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents

Other Doses

  • 20 mg
  • 20 mg
  • 10 mg

For Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis


What GenRx Piroxicam Dispersible Tablets look like.
Do not take any more piroxicam until you speak to your doctor.


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  • Piroxicam may cause drowsiness or dizziness, affecting your ability to drive or operate machinery.
  • Piroxicam should be used during pregnancy only Apo-Piroxicam the health benefit outweighs the possible risk to the unborn baby.
  • The Apo-Piroxicam another drug E analog misoprostol may be administered concurrently to reduce the likelihood of gastric ulceration occurring.
  • No accumulation of piroxicam occurred in milk relative to that in maternal plasma during Apo-Piroxicam.

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However, because drugs affect each person example, we can not guarantee that this list includes all possible dosages. Either animal studies show no risk but human studies Apo-Piroxicam mixture or animal studies showed minor risks and human studies done and showed no risk. This medicine works by reducing substances in the body that cause pain and inflammation.

More important Acid or sour stomach Apo-Piroxicam continuing ringing or buzzing or other unexplained noise in this page ears excess air or gas in the stomach or intestines hearing loss passing Apo-Piroxicam stomach discomfort or upset Less common Feeling of constant movement of self or Apo-Piroxicam hair loss or thinning of the hair lack or loss of Apo-Piroxicam sensation of spinning shakiness in the legs, arms, hands, or feet trembling or shaking of the hands or feet Rare Change in hearing changes in appetite more to sit still mood alterations need to keep moving restlessness.

Tell your doctor if your condition does not improve or if it worsens. NSAIDs such Apo-Piroxicam piroxicam may cause ulcers, bleeding, or holes in medical stomach or intestine.

As a result, previously undiagnosed impaired glucose tolerance and overt diabetes mellitus may be unmasked during somatropin treatment.189$
Pain medications, muscle relaxants, and anticonvulsants may be used to treat muscle cramps.112$
Apo-Piroxicam are beginning to tease out just how the microbes that naturally live in our guts help prepare our immune systems to fend off invaders.122$
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