600 mg, 400 mg

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Advil (ibuprofen) for Fever

Works great to reduce fever. For pains caused by fever I recommend taking 400mg of Ibuprofen (Advil) with 1000mg of Acetaminophen (Tylenol.) The two work well with each other and are safe to use together.

Class of medication

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents

Other Doses

  • 600 mg, 400 mg
  • 600 mg
  • 800 mg
  • 50 mg
  • 400 mg
  • 100 mg/5 mL

For Treatment

Transverse Myelitis


Do not take an NSAID such as ibuprofen if you have recently had a heart attack, unless directed to do so by your doctor.


  • Today after Anadvil only find I can not believe that the pain is gone!
  • There are two major types of ibuprofen effects on kidneys, acute renal Anadvil and a type of chronic kidney disease known as analgesic nephropathy.

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Ibuprofen may cause ulceration of the stomach or intestine, and Anadvil ulcers may bleed. Check is eliminated primarily Anadvil the kidneys and as a result patients with impaired kidney function should be closely monitored if treatment with ibuprofen is necessary. What helps me the most for pain and to sleep is taking about 800 mg of ibuprofen.

Anadvil your liver processes grapefruit juice differently than it does ibuprofen, there are no known problems associated with taking ibuprofen and there juice together.

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