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For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis

Started feeling bad with strep symptoms on Monday accompanied by fever, chills, body aches and swollen throat. Went to the ER. Culture came back positive. Dr gave me ibuprofen, zithromax and prednisone before leaving. Left with rx for those two and have felt no symptoms since. Other than my stomach being torn up from the meds, i think the prednisone has made all the difference this time. This is the 3rd time this year alone i have had it.

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  • 500 mg, 250 mg, 100 mg
  • 2 g
  • 100 mg/5 mL
  • 500 mg
  • 2.5 g
  • 200 mg/5 mL

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease


In reproduction toxicity studies in animals, azithromycin was shown to pass the placenta, but no teratogenic effects were observed.
Azithromycin belongs to the class of drugs known as macrolide antibiotics.


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  • Azithromycin belongs to the class of drugs known as macrolide antibiotics.
  • If you suspect that you or someone else might have taken an overdose Zycin this medicine, go to the here and emergency department of your local hospital.

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Tips Doubling my usual effects probiotic dose prevented any GI problems. Please select the pack size from the options directly below to view information on the Zycin. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no change to the maximum mixture 5 days Zycin treatment per prescription for any indication.

Oedema, asthenia, malaise, fatigue, face oedema, chest pain, pyrexia, pain, peripheral oedema. Interpretation should be as stated above for results using dilution techniques.

Do not let anyone else take your medication.

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