250 mg, 125 mg

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For Tinea Corporis

For ringworm. It tastes horrible - you are ruining my life

Class of medication

Miscellaneous antifungals

Other Doses

  • 250 mg, 125 mg
  • microcrystalline 125 mg/5 mL
  • ultramicrocrystalline 125 mg
  • ultramicrocrystalline 165 mg
  • ultramicrocrystalline 250 mg

For Treatment

Onychomycosis, Fingernail
Tinea Cruris
Tinea Pedis


Griseofulvin is metabolized by the liver and should not be used in horses with decreased liver function.
Griseofulvin has been associated with fetotoxicity in animal models.
Griseofulvin increases the activity of CYP3A4 liver enzymes.
When the drug is discontinued, Griseofulvin concentrations in the skin decline less rapidly than those in plasma.


  • If you usually give it once a day in the morning.
  • Do not take two doses together to follow up for a missed one.

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Take the container and any remaining tablets with you so that people can. Do not pass it on to others.

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